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Helping Nurses Tame Hospital Chaos
Create performance breakthroughs with our proven framework
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Is your team struggling?

Is Recruiting Staff Getting Harder?

Do Nurses Hide Beds?

Are Problems Blamed On Poor Communication?

Do You Wish Patient Safety was NOT your top concern?

Is it all going to be fixed in the next upgrade?

Is Staff Retention An Issue?

Do The Acronyms like JACHO or MIPS Make Your Head Hurt?

Are There Constant Battles Over Resources?

Learn to Tame Chaos Quickly

In nearly 100 hospitals we have helped solve all of these problems and more.

Let Us Help You Do The Same

Imagine how much happier your staff will be.
Imagine how much better your live will be.

Go Faster

The tasks that burn people out are usually time wasters. The easiest way to pick up the pace is to avoid them.

Be Safer

Calm work environments are safe work environments. Chaotic work environments are not safe.

The Preferred Hospital

A hospital where nurses prefer to work, doctors refer their patients and the community loves. C-suites prefer growing market share and new cost efficiencies too!

"What happened here in 6 weeks was a miracle for our patients"

Dr. Cochran, Chief Medical Officer

Achieve the Unexpected

Impact that no one expects from the people they least expect it from...
  • "Every week almost 2000 doses were missing from the med rooms. That number dropped to 435 in 4 weeks!"

  • "Lab turnaround dropped by 75% for routine testing... and the ED visit volume climbed by 15%"

  • "65% improvement in on-time starts because we aren't running around trying to get h&p and consents done at 06:30!"

  • Better assignments > Fewer complaints > Better care > More patients

  • "A 70% reduction in wasted meds was made possible by building reliability and trust between the pharamacy and the units"

  • "We didn't need an eICU and we didn't need an ED expansion. We made our process more reliable and spent our $10,000,000 elsewhere."

3 Steps to AWESOME




You know your hospital’s challenges and successes better than anyone. We invest the time to get to know you better and introduce you to the Amplefi Hospital Framework. Together we create a unique plan for your hospital. It will be personalized, and simple to implement.



Implement Plan

From experience, we know nothing gets the team engaged like a win. You probably know that too, that's why the first step in your plan will be to get a visible, impactful victory for the team, within a few days.



Monitor Success

Nobody thrives on chaos. Our framework is so powerful because people want to learn it, they want to use it. Once you have the basics understood it becomes your framework. Easily spread to whomever wants to avoid burnout.

"Two weeks into it and we were making a difference..."

Dr. Friesen, Division Director

What Makes us so different

The Amplefi Framework is revolutionary and different because it gives you and your staff the tools to avoid problems in the first place - instead of constantly reacting to them.

We give you and your staff the knowledge and power to begin this change immediately. No army of consultants, no long term cumbersome projects, no disappointing millions of dollars in software. You and your team become empowered, finally, with the right knowledge , tools and framework to calm chaos starting this week.

Sounds too simple, but we have helped nearly 100 hospitals all over the US report fewer errors, increase surgeries, gain inpatient market share, reverse staff burnout and bring in hundreds of millions of dollars using the Amplefi Framework.

But how do you know it will work for you? The best answer is to take one of our workshops or schedule a call with John D’Alesandro to explore how.

Our Founder and architect of the Amplefi Framework is John D’Alesandro. John graduated top of his class from the prestigious Kettering University where he studied complex business and manufacturing systems. After graduating, he applied advanced methods and tools to boost production performance for many Fortune 100 companies. Working in most complex industries - metals, communications, package foods, and automotive. Companies like General Motors,Kellogg, Ford Motor Company, Domino's Pizza, Heinz, P&G, and AT&T.

In late 1999, John got his first exposure in a hospital. A close personal friend was an ED attending in a NE Ohio surburban town . The problem was the ED was on restrictions/diversion 4 days per week. In the first visit, John and his team realized that hospitals were very different operations, and many of the methods/tools used in industry needed to be adapted or abandoned in hospitals. The Amplefi Framework was born. The hospital working with it's new framework ended restrictions/diversion in three months: without a big project, without new technology. John has been working with and treating hospitals ever since.

The Amplefi Philosophy - The best way to fix a problem is to prevent it from happening. After 19 years, we know how to do this and would love to share this knowledge with you and your staff.

Hospitals are interdependent systems of thousands of variables driven by people thinking independently, influenced by patients and evolving conditions all day. Certainly there are standards and protocols, but we expect people think, decide, prioritize, and act at the point of care. This is not how most businesses work, and why we should use great care in applying proven techniques from industry to unique hospitals. Over the last 10 years, we have been watching hospitals complicate their already complex processes in the name of efficiency. Out of control technology spending, mandates labeled as incentive programs, quality programs,fragmented care, etc. - it all seems chaotic. The Amplefi Framework will take you in the opposite direction. Let's find ways together to simplify and tame the chaos now. Not next month - now.

We love the trenches. Real differences are made in the trenches and on the front line. In hospitals, the real changes come from the nurses. We know this. We proved this over and over. You know that as well, because that is where you and your staff work. While other companies make slick PowerPoint presentations to the C-Suite executives, we work directly with Nurse Executives to begin simple, easy changes.

Easy Steps
  • No Big Commitment - We help you as you need it. No long term contracts, now or ever.
  • No Big Investment - No new computer software, no army of consultants, no big studies or whitepapers, wasting of valuable staff resources. We know what to do and will share it with you on Day One.
  • Provable Positive Changes Happen Quickly. Within days - you can see for yourself.
If you are like most of our clients, you may be hopeful but a bit skeptical That’s wonderful. Let us show you the impact you and your staff can make with and uncomplicated framework and a few simple steps. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

Let's Get Started

How much is chaos costing you? How big is the productivity hit you take from staff burnout? How much money is lost due to unfilled positions and more money spent on recruiters looking to fill them? How much does your hospital spend on marketing and billboards only to have your reputation damaged on social media? How many patients are sent to competitors by physicians fed up at your hospital? How often do you leave the hospital wondering if it is really worth it?

Chaos may already be costing you a great deal.

"I love it. Thanks for reminding me why I became a nurse!"

Stephanie M, Department Director SDS/PACU

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No more burnout!

We give you and your staff the knowledge and power to begin this change immediately - by yourselves. No army of consultants, no long term cumbersome projects, no disappointing millions of dollars in software.

Get your DAY WON field guide today!

Originally developed for our workshops, John moves from the conference room to the nursing unit by answering the first question all attendees ask: What do they do on Monday?

The Day Won Field Guide is intensely pragmatic. It shows how to build a culture of action where chaos is tamed and problems are prevented. The steps are illustrated with real life examples of how the framework has been used with great success in the past. The stories here show how the nursing venues (ED, OR/PACU, Critical Care, Med/Surg, etc.) the clinics and ancillary services (diagnostic, therapeutic, and custodial) can work together while staying patient centered.

Take this field guide as a my gift and in return please allow me to visit soon to understand how it impacts your life and the performance of the hospital

About Amplefi

We believe that healthcare should be made more reliable before they are disrupted.

Over 20 years, we have witnessed the unexpected power of chaos on a hospital. Once quieted, the performance lift can be breath-taking

We have made it our business to bring these insights to hospital leaders to finally give everyone the kind of hospital experience that we would want for our loved ones.


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