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Make today proactive and quiet

Learn new ways to make work life smoother more rewarding. It is tough to be a great hospital with frequent chaos and staff complaints of burn out.

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More time - more patients

Listen to patients' stories about smooth, reliable stays. Build a buzz of how different and better it is to go to your hospital.

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Be the preferred hospital

Consistently compelling experiences attracts providers and payors as much as the patients. Make your hospital a growing, thriving and valued member of the community.

See Quantifiable Results In As Little As 6 Weeks

Powered by the front line staff.

Advancing in small safe steps.

Using existing tools and tech.

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What Makes AmplefiOPS Different?

It's tough to get on the same page in a hospital. Yes, there are standards and protocols, but at a certain point the priority becomes "my patient". In hospitals there are many of decisions that are being made in the care of “my patients” that influence the other patients. Even minor decisions can have an impact on another patient’s experience, consequences unnoticed for hours or even days later. It is this disconnect that causes staff to be out of step, surprised, and sometimes frustrated with others. It is a disconnect that leads to chaos -- unhappy people waiting, staff pressed for time, looking for work arounds, fielding complaints. Chaos adds risk and creates a feeling that “my patients” are getting lost in the process.

AmplefiOPS helps with chaos.